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We are Scott, Max and Leandra. The Co-Founders of Aurum Brothers

Sharing our passion for these shiny rocks we call gemstones!

Our family has been in the gemstone bracelet business for years, and we are dedicated to offering you quality pieces that truly capture the beauty and essence of these weirdly attractive rocks that have captivated our forefathers since the dawn of time.
We find it incredible that these stones have been formed without any human interference. It is a true marvel of the natural world, as each stone has taken shape over millions of years and each possesses unique characteristics and properties that are individual to the very soil in which it was molded. It is almost as if nature has bestowed these gifts upon us, her children, to show us the beauty and complexity of the world around us. We marvel at the intricacies of these stones, each having its own story to tell - a story that has taken place over millions of years, right here on our planet.
It is with this passion that we create our gemstone bracelets for you. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand, ensuring quality, attention to detail, and excellence in each design. It is our mission to use our gemstone bracelets to bring out the best in each of the stones we use, and inspire you to bring out the best of your unique traits.
Like humans, the stones we offer come in a broad variety of colors and shapes, with a variety of different backgrounds and histories. Whatever your style may be, you are sure to find a bracelet that will help you express your unique style and remind you of your powerful essence.