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Imperial Jasper Bracelet VI (4mm)
TOP RATED Dragon Blood Jasper Bracelet V (4mm)
TOP RATED Sodalite Bracelet V (8mm)
TOP RATED Sodalite Bracelet VII (12mm)
TOP RATED Hematite Blue Bracelet V (8mm)
TOP RATED Hematite Blue Bracelet VI (12mm)
TOP RATED Tiger Eye Bracelet VII (8mm)
TOP RATED Black Mixed Bracelet I (12mm)
Lapis Lazuli Bracelet IV (12mm)
Pearl Bracelet VIII (7-8mm)
Dragon Blood Jasper Bracelet VI (8mm)
Mother of Pearl Bracelet I (4mm)
TOP RATED Carnelian Bracelet VII (6mm)
Amethyst Bracelet IX (6mm)
Aquamarine Bracelet X (8mm)
Malachite Bracelet VIII (12mm)
Sold outAquamarine Bracelet VII (6mm)
Dragon Blood Jasper Bracelet VII (4mm)
Baltic Amber Bracelet IV (4mm)
Amazonite-Amethyst-Aventurine-Jade-Labradorite-Landscape Jasper Bracelet IV (6mm)
Sold outAmethyst Bracelet XIV (8mm)
Pearl Bracelet VII (7-8mm)
Amazonite-Aventurine-Apatite-Labradorite Bracelet IV (6mm)
Pearl Bracelet VI (9-10mm)
Black Tourmaline Bracelet X (8mm)
Limited Blue/Green Tourmaline Bracelet IV (4mm)
Pearl Necklace XI (7-8mm) (6860621742134)
Pearl Necklace XI (7-8mm)
Sale priceFrom £216.00 SHOP NOW
Malachite Bracelet IV (6mm)
Pietersite Bracelet IV (7.5mm)
Amethyst Bracelet IV (4mm)
Dragon Blood Jasper Bracelet VIII (4mm)
Carnelian - Cube Bracelet I (4mm)
Black Tourmaline Bracelet XI (8mm)
Black Tourmaline Bracelet VI (4mm)
Aquamarine Bracelet XI (8mm)
Amethyst Bracelet XVII (6mm)
Limited Sold outTurquoise Bracelet V (4mm)
NEW Dragon Blood Jasper Bracelet XI (8mm)
One-of-a-kind Sold outSwiss Blue Topaz - Red Garnet Bracelet VII (3.5 - 4mm)
One-of-a-kind Turquoise - Emerald Bracelet IV (2-4mm)
One-of-a-kind Turquoise Bracelet V (5mm)
Dragon Blood Jasper - Carnelian Bracelet IV (10mm)
Sold outAquamarine Bracelet IX (6mm)
Pearl Necklace X (9-10mm) (6860604440630)
Pearl Necklace X (9-10mm)
Sale priceFrom £177.00 SHOP NOW
Restocked Pearl Bracelet V (4-5mm)
Limited Sold outRed Garnet Bracelet IV (6mm)
Restocked Sold outPearl Bracelet XII (4-5mm)
Sold outLapis Lazuli Bracelet VI (2mm)